HTC 7 Mozart sound issue with earpeice

For ages i had an issue with my htc Mozart, i thought it was a software issue as i flashed a different rom to fix the instability issues with the screen and unlock being really buggy.
I followed this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYYAr6V2BFM up to 6:41, obviosuly without removing the sd card, or unscrewing the usb connection.
I soon discovered my phone didnt have an earpiece speaker installed, the phone was bought on ebay, probably fell out during a screen replacement or something.
Anyway, i inserted my new earpiece speaker i also bought on ebay for about £2.50, screwed the phone back together and voila! It worked! Finally i dont have to make all my calls on loudspeaker or with a headset. It certainly rules out the issue being with the european tmobile rom for the phone.
the tools i used were: guitar pick(opening tool), small screwdriver (yes i used this on the torx, oh well) and a cocktail stick / toothpick for flipping up the tiny ribbon cable clamps Read More


Guinness Candle

Hey there,
I got bored the other day, so decided to make this:

Its a vanilla scented candle, made purely from old candles, with crayons used to dye the wax.
Perfectly safe, and nice and different as far as candles go. I may make some Magners ones soon. Read More


So Valve made my steam fonts bigger.

So, it appears valve have made the fonts in steam chat larger. I hate large fonts.

So I HAD to make some changes.

You're looking for a file called steam.styles, I found mine at C:\Program Files\Steam\resource\styles

Open it up with notepad or something, ctrl+f and search for "size".

I just dropped all my friends and chat related ones down by 2, so changing 14 to 12, 16 down to 14 and so on.

I didn't change every single font, just a random amount, got bored, restarted steam and it was all nice again! You can find a copy of my steam.styles here: Steam.styles Read More


MiniDLNA on raspberry pi database disk image malformed


/usr/bin/minidlna -f /etc/minidlna.conf -R -d

rebuilds the database for miniDLNA. This fixes the minidlna database disk image malformed error i was receiving when minidlna wouldnt restart. I believe this was due to the usb HDD i was having getting IO errors and crashing the pi. Me then unplugging the pi was killing the database.
Hope this can help some other people! Read More


Broken updates and network error on Samsung 32" EH5300 Series 5 SMART Full HD LED TV

So, my TV managed to update itself again today, to an unusable state again, no apps, and I received a network error when trying to access samsung apps to re-install them. I'd been putting these updates off for a while as the last time it updated, it broke everything, so i've been clicking no all the time, and turned off update on standby. Regardless of this, the TV did some sort of update and because useless as a smart tv.

So, I went off to the Samsung website and downloaded the latest firmware for my tv here: http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/model/UE32EH5300KXXU-downloads For your TV, check your tv version, then download the ones for yours. The latest update as of today was released 7th Feb 2013. This can also be found in my uploads folder here: T-MST10PDEUC Please note, this is only a backup file, please download the latest version from the samsung website for your TV and note, neither I NOR SAMSUNG TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR FIRMWARE UPDATES. Samsung warranty does not cover firmware updates, which confuses me, as they force the updats on users with a "would you like to update" message box all the time, with the default highlight on OK, annoying, and when you want to access the internet quickly, you rush and press OK. Then having to wait forever for the TV to update... Not a brilliant idea. A popup text notification that then dissappears stating an update is available go to menu, system, update would be much more practical and user friendly. Read More


HTC Mozart Screen issue resolved / fixed

So, I was having some screen issues with my HTC Mozart where unlocking was a problem, and occasional screen freezes.

After browsing through the xda-developers forums, I came across several posts which I pieced together to get my phone back to where it was.

Warning! I accept no reponsibility for any loss / damaged to your phone. You do this at your own risk. Read the xda-developers forums in the HTC Mozart section for more information.

1. Download ansar perfect ROM for Mozart 5.1x SLSPL
Power off your phone and then power on with holding volume down button.
On display you will see change from serial to USB. Make sure that you have SPL 5.1x (not another one).
Extract archive and run ROM update utility, follow all important steps (manual in readme file) and start flashing procedure. A progress bar will run through the screen during the update process. !!!Dont unplug or power off phone until finish!!!
2. Now you must flash you phone with standard downgraded 1.28 SPL unlocked ROM
Run ROM update utility as in 1.
After finish you have standard 1.28 Rom. Now is time for RSPL/HSPL
3. Download DFT RSPL/HSPL
Run RSPL (note, you must choice 1.28 and above SPL, for example 1.32)
4. Flash with T-Mobile ROM for fixed touch screen driver.
5. Update ussing zune, then update further to 7.8 if you cant through zune using seven-eighter.
The links above are those from the original authors of the individual posts. If for any reason these do not work, you may find duplicates of these files in http://g4n.co/uploads/ Read More

So.. my laptop broke.

For some reason my Acer aspire 5750 decided to stop working. All windows related networking died. I couldn't browse the internet, nothing would connect, except, i could ping? I don't understand it either. I could ping websites, and that was as far as my networking got, i tried wired, removing the drivers, everything, nothing worked. I've just spent the last 2 days, backing everything up, restoring the laptop to factory, and am now putting everything back.

I will be making some more interesting posts in the next few days.

Oh, and i also updated my HTC Mozart from windows 7.5 to windows 7.8 with the seven eighter from windowsphonehacker.com Read More


Success! HTC HD7 Updated to 7.8

As previously posted, I used this to update the phone: http://windowsphonehacker.com/articles/want_windows_phone_7.8_now_try_this_easy_tool-01-31-13

The update took just over half an hour to complete. With lots and lots of little updates and restarts.

So I had a lot of these screens:

Then I was finally presented with this:

Done. Windows 7.8 is now on the HTC HD7. There are a few changes noticed so far, resizable home screen apps, more theme colours, and some other small things I cannot remember. Read More