HTC Mozart Screen issue resolved / fixed

So, I was having some screen issues with my HTC Mozart where unlocking was a problem, and occasional screen freezes.

After browsing through the xda-developers forums, I came across several posts which I pieced together to get my phone back to where it was.

Warning! I accept no reponsibility for any loss / damaged to your phone. You do this at your own risk. Read the xda-developers forums in the HTC Mozart section for more information.

1. Download ansar perfect ROM for Mozart 5.1x SLSPL
Power off your phone and then power on with holding volume down button.
On display you will see change from serial to USB. Make sure that you have SPL 5.1x (not another one).
Extract archive and run ROM update utility, follow all important steps (manual in readme file) and start flashing procedure. A progress bar will run through the screen during the update process. !!!Dont unplug or power off phone until finish!!!
2. Now you must flash you phone with standard downgraded 1.28 SPL unlocked ROM
Run ROM update utility as in 1.
After finish you have standard 1.28 Rom. Now is time for RSPL/HSPL
3. Download DFT RSPL/HSPL
Run RSPL (note, you must choice 1.28 and above SPL, for example 1.32)
4. Flash with T-Mobile ROM for fixed touch screen driver.
5. Update ussing zune, then update further to 7.8 if you cant through zune using seven-eighter.
The links above are those from the original authors of the individual posts. If for any reason these do not work, you may find duplicates of these files in http://g4n.co/uploads/