Samsung S5839i Screen Replacement

So, I replaced someones Samsung screen, by removing the case, battery, SIM card and MicroSD. then proceeded to remove the 7 screws holding the phone together.
I then realised after removing this section, the screen is glued to the phone.

I started heating the phone screen with a hair dryer and slowly started prising it from the case and LCD. This took a while and a bit more heating from a hair dryer, but it eventually came off without braking too much more.

The replacement digitizer is for a S5830 and cost around £8 Read More


Microsoft Surface Service - Yellow Screen

So, i had a surface that was 10 weeks old, that had started to go yellow on the right hand side near the charging port, a few googles later led me to assume this was heat damage from charging.
Still covered by Microsoft`s manufacturer warranty, i registered with https://myservice.surface.com/ and went through the process and booked it with screen damage.

I then got a print out packaging label for UPS, stick your surface in a box, and stick the packaging label on. Drop it off to a UPS location (you will need photo ID), and wait.

I was a bit worried about doing it, just posting a surface pro to some random address on a printout label but went for it anyway.

Two days later, a new surface arrived in a little box, all ready for me to put all my stuff back on.

I used windows easy transfer to back up my data, and ensured all my settings were synced in the charms settings place.

Setting it back up to where it was took less than an hour, so overall, an excellent service from Microsoft, well done. Read More


Solar Update

So, I'd left my solar panel doing its thing for a while and hadn't really paid it much attention.

We've had some fairly good weather recently, so the batteries were charging well, however...

The heat from this good weather has now burnt out my solar panel, it produces an amazing 4 volts now, with next to no amps at all.

So when my finances can cover it, i'll be getting a better solar panel, to extend my projects and also consider some kind of heat protection.

Pictures of the damage to come soon...

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Why do dogs like being patted?

Why do dogs like being patted?

Not all dogs like this, but some do. It made me wonder today about it, I mean, they wouldn't do it in the wild.. how would they be patted with no people?

After a lot of research, and digging through forums, dog websites, yahoo questions, etc. I have come to the conclusion it is for attention. Based on this, the dog is more likely to enjoy being patted from its "Master" than from others.
I tried this with the dog in the house, and my girlfriends dog, seems to fit the attention thing.

Just a random thing.

And I thought I would share it. Read More


That time of year again...

It's that time of year again where everyone gets ill. After spending the last few days in bed constantly, and still returning to work because I need money (just like everyone else), I have decided to yet again re-design the site. I highly dislike the current design, the new one shall be clean and simple (or at least for a short period of time, until I fill it with clutter as I always seem to do..)
Hopefully I can get that done this week at some point. I hope everyone else is well and i will be updating the site soon! Read More


ICS Android 4 for Samsung Galaxy SII

Finally managed to get ics to install via samsung kies for my sgs2 on vodafone. I was experience a problem where the update process would start then the usb connection would drop and start the whole "you have connect bla bla to samsung kies" process again.

I restarted my pc and my phone, then plugged the phone into a different usb port, and VOILA! it worked.
After waiting, forever, for the update to download, it was finally installed... now it's time to play! Read More


In Qatar!

I am out in Qatar, Doha again. The weather is very warm, 39 degrees, even in the evenings. Some work may be done to this site over the next month, but then again, they might not.

There is a lot of jobs going out here at the minute, Dell are currently employing at a reasonable wage.

Hope all is well for people, and that you are having a good summer. Enjoy it! Read More