Goodbye old site, Hello FlatUI.

So, my old site design was really starting to bug me. Like loads....

So I thought i'd finally get around to redesigning the site, allocated myself 1 day for it, and got on with it.

Here we are.
The new design. I obviously eventually got bored, and added the various jquery irritating bits, some people like it, some people hate it. I'm neither. Although i'll probably end up removing it somewhere along the line.

I'm still not 100% happy with the site, im not sure what else should go in the big semi-circle, if you have any ideas feel free to message me someway or another twitter @ganey or email @ganey.co.uk or whatever. I welcome suggestions!

NOw, the site may be broken on some screen sizes, I've added tons of media queries but probably still missed plenty. I will get round to sorting MOST of them out at some point. I can't guarantee all, because no-one can. I'm not superman.

Enough from me, I've still got some uni work to do. Any suggestions just get in touch.

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F@H Current Progress on Rainmeter

After spending ages looking for something to read the unitinfo.txt for Folding@Home on Rainmeter, I tried writing my own. Spent several hours on a version, which didn't seem to work for whatever reason. After re-writing it several times it now works and looks like the bottom section in the image. The top section I wrote previously, and is also on this blog.
Folding@Home in Rainmeter

The current progress: fah_progress_rainmeter.zip

The Team and User Statistics: FAH_Stats_rainmeter.zip

Hopefully these files can be of use to other people as I could not find any myself without having to install separate programs to monitor Folding@Home progress. Read More


New Site

A new site for FuelledHosting is under way and should be sorted within the next 2 weeks. Some new products should come available for purchase by the end of the month too! So keep an eye out for those. Been playing a lot of Demon Souls for PS3 lately, and dam it's a hard game. Read More