Couldn't Install Office 365, Check Internet Connection, Disk Space

So, I've been having issues installing Office 365 University specifically on a new install of Windows 7.

I've tried the fix it solutions by microsoft but have still been resulting in the same error.

couldnt install office image

So, I checked the error logs and found the installer was having an issue downloading i641033.cab with the following message:

2014/01/03 01:22:19:909::[1080] Error: Type: WinHttpQueryDataAvailable: failed Http Request has no data: Last error: 0x00002ee2. 
WinHttpQueryDataAvailableFailed ErrorCode: 12002(0x2ee2). File http://officecdn.microsoft.com/DB/12345-67890-ABC-XYZ/Office/Data/15.0.4551.1011/i641033.cab download failed.
(note: not exact link)

So naturally, I hit the link and downloaded the file, then placed it in the temp dir at %TMP%

New error message:

2014/01/03 01:33:15:969::[1764] Dirty machine detected: registry entries present but path does not exist: C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office 15/ClientX64/integratedoffice.exe

This file is found in the cabinet, so I extracted the contents of i641033.cab to C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office 15/ClientX64 and tried the installer again.

While slowly making progress, the installer is now working.

office 365 slow connection install image

After several hours of waiting on my poor internet connection (less than 1MB for some reason), the download finally finished and i was presented with the installation complete video that office has.

office 365 install complete image

So, to sum it up, check your error logs (bootstrap.log) in the %TMP% folder to find the files to manually download, download them and put in the right places and office setup will continue. (Or grab the initial file from the Files/Uploads section here (1.87Mb)