Online Cloud Storage.

I have been looking at online cloud storage recently, for personal and business use. I have come to a conclusion. It's all expensive.
I have looked at Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon , SkyDrive, etc etc.

All of these offer various levels of storage, but Box is the cheapest.
It has a desktop app for your pc, just like google drive, my account was free and it came with 50GB of space, google gives you 5GB free, dropbox doesn't give you very much either.

Box at only $15 a month for 1TB(1000Gb) Its by far the cheapest, as google comes in at $49.99 a month for 1TB, Amazon comes in at £320 a year for 1TB (roughly $42 a month at todays exchange rate) and dropbox is $49.99 for only 500GB, with Windows SkyDrive coming in with 7GB free and £32 a year for 100GB, per TB comes in the same as Amazon.

Doesn't exactly make it difficult to choose now does it.

I'm waiting to see what the new Mega (used to be megaupload) brings interms of desktop integration and mobile devices. Read More


Logout of Netflix on smart TV

I have a Samsung Smart TV. And I spent FOREVER trying to log out of netflix. To my suprise, this actually worked:

Launch the Netflix app.
Using the arrows on your remote, enter the following sequence:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up

Select Deactivate.

Done. Read More


Soluto Goes on the Web

A program called Soluto has been around for a while now. It can be found at www.soluto.com.
It has now gone on the web giving you web access to any machine you have soluto installed on and linked to your account.

The home for each PC/Laptop looks like this:

This page gives you some basic information with all the links to take you elsewhere.

The protection tab allows you to view information about firewalls, antivirus and windows update. You can perform windows updates from here. My screen looks as follows:

(As you can see, I don't have antivirus, I dont like them, they slow down my pc too much. Nod32 is pretty good as you can choose everything it does, i came to like norton 360 gold, but after 1 year mine started asking me firewall exceptions after EVERY SINGLE REBOOT.. but thats another story.)

My final screenshot for you is the hardware tab. This tells you your battery health, your CPU, RAM and even motherboard (which various programs seem to struggle with on laptops)

I have used soluto for a while just out of curiosity to measure my boot times, then started occasionally using it as it was never to interruptive with the OS like various other packaged programs are.
By the looks of things you can now also provide support to friends and family with soluto. The form for this looks like the following:

I invite others to try using the soluto software, it may suit some and not others, and i'm not usually fan on nice pretty UI's to manage my startup applications and whatnot, but it's actually rather good! Read More


Samsung 32" Smart TV SmartHub crashes

My Samsung 32" Smart TV was having problems 2 days ago with crashes on SmartHub. It simply wasn't loading anything. BBC iPlayer had become the LoveFilm App with the LoveFilm icon, but still named BBC iPlayer. I hard reset the tv when it was turned off with the sequence of buttons on the remote for still not much of an improvement. The following morning the TV updated again and SMartHub was kind of working again.
The network settings keep being forgotten but after 2 days i can install netflix and other apps again with them working, all be it very slowly though :(

Hopefully it will be updated soon to a full working smooth experience like it used to be. Read More


Updates to come

Soon the search button will be fixed again, i have made minor updates to the site to just tidy things up. I have finished my other job now so will have more time to get back on here and do various other web work.
It's about time I got back into it anyway, I have a Raspberry Pi again so will be getting back to work on that to see what I can do with it. Check back within the next week or so for updates! Read More


Lack of Updates

Sorry for the huge lack of updates recently. Work has been busy, so has various aspects of my life. Things are leveling out nicely now though so it wont be long before i finally get round to redesigning the site properly.
I'm also starting work on a new project soon.... A few sneak previews may appear on the site as I go through the stages! Read More


Android OTA update to ICS 4.0.3 on Samsung Galaxy SII

I simply cannot get Samsung Kies to install on Windows 8 x64, Therefore I had to manually backup everything before I started this Over The Air update. I started the update and waitied for the 50.52MB update to compelete.

This update took a while to reboot and install as usual, I had a few errors listed in the reboot process, but waited for it anyway. It then started updating my applications, then my market apps, and 5 minutes later it was done. Voila!

Finally the Wifi seems to be working properly and can be turned on and off without freezing up like it has done since I first updated to ICS. Hopefully it stays like this! Read More


HP dvd1040 litescribe on Windows 8

Initially this device wouldn't install, I had the yellow triangle next to it in device manager. I followed a post here: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-CD-DVD-Reply-Only/looking-for-Lightscrib-e-HP-dvd1040-drivers/td-p/476335 downloading http://www.onecomputerguy.com/reg/cd_restore.reg Windows just hung on uninstalling the device so I restarted after running the registry file anyway, and now it works.
Hope this helps. Read More