Back In The UK

I am now back in the UK.
It was a rather long drive in a limousine, first time driving an automatic large distance, a left hand drive, and a limousine. But it was a good drive anyway.
The French Pyrenees look nice anyway, below is a video fram the trip out:

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A Thankyou from Wikipedia

Thank you.

The Wikipedia blackout is over — and you have spoken.
More than 162 million people saw our message asking if you could imagine a world without free knowledge. You said no. You shut down Congress's switchboards. You melted their servers. From all around the world your messages dominated social media and the news. Millions of people have spoken in defence of a free and open Internet.
For us, this is not about money. It's about knowledge. As a community of authors, editors, photographers, and programmers, we invite everyone to share and build upon our work. Our mission is to empower and engage people to document the sum of all human knowledge, and to make it available to all humanity, in perpetuity. We care passionately about the rights of authors, because we are authors. SOPA and PIPA are not dead: they are waiting in the shadows. What's happened in the last 24 hours, though, is extraordinary. The internet has enabled creativity, knowledge, and innovation to shine, and as Wikipedia went dark, you've directed your energy to protecting it.
We're turning the lights back on. Help us keep them shining brightly.

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Decipher My Gibberish! (link)

Check out the following link: http://deciphermygibberish.blogspot.com

"The aim of this page is to alert people to the privacy settings of facebook. The way all of your information is collected and stored, every page you like, view, comment on, every comment you delete, every photo you upload every private message you send. Each and every movement you make on facebook is recorded, stored and backed up in multiple locations around the world.

My proposition to you is to post using simple ciphers, I'm not hiding anything, I just want to see the look on someones face if some time in the future they look back on my information and only find a series of gibberish posts...."

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OCZ Elixir keyboard Windows 7 Fix

From: http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com

Originally Posted by mspector
I had the same problem here. Then I started trying some things and I got a workaround. Now it's working in my Windows 7 x64.

For Windows 7 32-bit users, just replace the folder Driver64 for Driver on step 2 (if needed, I think you can just skip step 2 if your Windows is 32 bits.).

All that is needed is to enable XP compatibility in Elixir Alchemy executables. To do so:

FIRST OF ALL: Go to Task Manager (Press CTRL+ALT+DEL, click Start Task Manager) and in the Processes tab, finish the processes Control.exe, option.exe and traicon.exe.

1) Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Alchemy Elixir (or the folder where you installed OCZ Alchemy Elixir drivers and program);
2) Go to the Driver64 folder. Double-click DPInst.exe and install the 64-bit driver. This may take a while.
3) Go back to the previous folder (the one in step 1), right-click Control.exe and select Properties. Go to Compatibility tab, enable "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
Click OK.
4) Repeat the steps described in #3 for option.exe and traicon.exe.
5) Double-click each of the executables above to start them or restart Windows.

It's done. Your macro keys are working nicely now. However, I do really hope that OCZ develops a brand new and more functional version of Elixir Alchemy controls that works perfectly with Win7.

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