Online Cloud Storage.

I have been looking at online cloud storage recently, for personal and business use. I have come to a conclusion. It's all expensive.
I have looked at Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon , SkyDrive, etc etc.

All of these offer various levels of storage, but Box is the cheapest.
It has a desktop app for your pc, just like google drive, my account was free and it came with 50GB of space, google gives you 5GB free, dropbox doesn't give you very much either.

Box at only $15 a month for 1TB(1000Gb) Its by far the cheapest, as google comes in at $49.99 a month for 1TB, Amazon comes in at £320 a year for 1TB (roughly $42 a month at todays exchange rate) and dropbox is $49.99 for only 500GB, with Windows SkyDrive coming in with 7GB free and £32 a year for 100GB, per TB comes in the same as Amazon.

Doesn't exactly make it difficult to choose now does it.

I'm waiting to see what the new Mega (used to be megaupload) brings interms of desktop integration and mobile devices.