Broken updates and network error on Samsung 32" EH5300 Series 5 SMART Full HD LED TV

So, my TV managed to update itself again today, to an unusable state again, no apps, and I received a network error when trying to access samsung apps to re-install them. I'd been putting these updates off for a while as the last time it updated, it broke everything, so i've been clicking no all the time, and turned off update on standby. Regardless of this, the TV did some sort of update and because useless as a smart tv.

So, I went off to the Samsung website and downloaded the latest firmware for my tv here: http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/model/UE32EH5300KXXU-downloads For your TV, check your tv version, then download the ones for yours. The latest update as of today was released 7th Feb 2013. This can also be found in my uploads folder here: T-MST10PDEUC Please note, this is only a backup file, please download the latest version from the samsung website for your TV and note, neither I NOR SAMSUNG TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR FIRMWARE UPDATES. Samsung warranty does not cover firmware updates, which confuses me, as they force the updats on users with a "would you like to update" message box all the time, with the default highlight on OK, annoying, and when you want to access the internet quickly, you rush and press OK. Then having to wait forever for the TV to update... Not a brilliant idea. A popup text notification that then dissappears stating an update is available go to menu, system, update would be much more practical and user friendly.