cPanel and PBX / Asterisk

Across the last few days myself and a colleague have been trying to setup cPanel and a PBX on the same server, due to clashing configs and requirements and such, to start with, this seemed difficult.

So, we've restarted and re-installed the server several times. I decide to install cpanel first.

So, we update centos, and grab a coffee. Next we install the base group and such, then install cpanel. Here we have a rather long coffee break depending on your hardware.

Coffee break over.
Time to add tho...

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Removing cloudlinux from centos

So, I have been looking at how to remove cloudlinux from centos. I found a link Here on how to do it. Here is a snippet from the article:
To convert back to CentOS Download script: centos2cl (´╗┐http://repo.cloudlinux.com/cloudlinux/sources/cln/centos2cl) * Make sure you download latest version of the script before attempting the uninstall

Execute: # yum remove liblve-devel # sh centos2cl -c This will remove all LVE related packages and its depend...

To view the rest please read...

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Success! HTC HD7 Updated to 7.8

As previously posted, I used this to update the phone: http://windowsphonehacker.com/articles/want_windows_phone_7.8_now_try_this_easy_tool-01-31-13

The update took just over half an hour to complete. With lots and lots of little updates and restarts.

So I had a lot of these screens:

Then I was finally presented with this:


Done. Windows 7.8 is now on the HTC HD7. There are a few changes noticed so far, resizable home screen apps, more theme colours, and some other small things I cannot remember.

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Why do dogs like being patted?

Why do dogs like being patted?

Not all dogs like this, but some do. It made me wonder today about it, I mean, they wouldn't do it in the wild.. how would they be patted with no people?

After a lot of research, and digging through forums, dog websites, yahoo questions, etc. I have come to the conclusion it is for attention. Based on this, the dog is more likely to enjoy being patted from its "Master" than from others.
I tried this with the dog in the house, and my girlfriends dog, seems to fit ...

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Pure-FTPD Broken on cPanel

Pure-FTP was broken on cPanel, so had been using Pro-FTPD instead.
The following commands were run to check Pro-FTPD for errors and fix Pure-FTP:

echo -ne '\033]0;#3693577 - PureFTPD Broken\007' lwp-request http://ssp.cptechs.info | sh ps afux | grep ftp exit echo -ne '\033]0;#3693577 - PureFTPD Broken\007' lwp-request http://ssp.cptechs.info | sh service proftp stop service proftpd stop ps afux | grep ftp /scripts/fixproftpdconf /scripts/fixproftpddupes /scripts/ftpup proftpd /scr...

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Online Cloud Storage.

I have been looking at online cloud storage recently, for personal and business use. I have come to a conclusion. It's all expensive.
I have looked at Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon , SkyDrive, etc etc.

All of these offer various levels of storage, but Box is the cheapest.
It has a desktop app for your pc, just like google drive, my account was free and it came with 50GB of space, google gives you 5GB free, dropbox doesn't give you very much either.

Box at only $15 a month for 1TB(1000Gb) It...

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Logout of Netflix on smart TV

I have a Samsung Smart TV. And I spent FOREVER trying to log out of netflix. To my suprise, this actually worked:

Launch the Netflix app.
Using the arrows on your remote, enter the following sequence:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up

Select Deactivate.


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