cPanel and PBX / Asterisk

Across the last few days myself and a colleague have been trying to setup cPanel and a PBX on the same server, due to clashing configs and requirements and such, to start with, this seemed difficult.

So, we've restarted and re-installed the server several times. I decide to install cpanel first.

So, we update centos, and grab a coffee. Next we install the base group and such, then install cpanel. Here we have a rather long coffee break depending on your hardware.

Coffee break over.
Time to add those missing things that cpanel sometiems misses out, edit the yum repo to allow the installaion of php, php-pear, httpd and anything that you would require for your PBX. (mysql will already be installed with cpanel.)

You will now be able to install all the requirements for your PBX. Create the PBX user in the database, and copy all the cpanel PHP packages (or symlink them) to a more normal place such as /usr/share/php for your PBX to work properly.

Run your PBX installer, and grab another coffee.

You should now give your PBX webserver permissions on port:XYZ, restart your webserver, add webserver and your PBX into the startup configs and restart the entire server (you dont have to, but i would, just to make sure it works), you may now wish to go for a pee (due to all the coffee consumption earlier).

You should now return to your server, with a PBX ready to configure and cPanel still working. If you haven't managed this, try the following link regarding pbx installation: ...powerpbx.org..pbx..