Windows 10 Tech Preview Update to Build 9926

Recently Windows 10 updated to build 9926, which initially felt like the whole PC was being installed again.

It went through the whole 'We're getting things ready' and installing your apps and such as if its a fresh install / refresh. Anyway, I noticed some changes to the UI and thought i'd post up some screenshots.

Windows 10 Start Menu Build 9926

The new larger start menu

Windows 10 Start Screen Build 9926

The new start screen with sidebar

Windows 10 Start Screen Search Build 9926

The start search

Windows 10 Settings Build 9926

The new settings screen

Windows 10 Personalise screen Build 9926

The personalise screen

Windows 10 Display options Build 9926

Display Options

Windows 10 Storage Sense Build 9926

Storage Sense (I haven't looked further into this yet)

Windows 10 Add Features Build 9926

Add Features (Handwriting and Touch?)

Windows 10 Icons Build 9926

The Icons have changed?

I've also noticed there are tiny little blue bars at the bottom of active taskbar pins? These end up with lines in when you have multiple windows open. Not entirely sure on the purpose of these but oh well.
There seems to be a change on the minimise / maximise / close buttons on windows too.

I'll see how I get on with these start menu changes...