Windows 10 Display Driver crash dark blue screen

I updated to Windows 10 as soon as I could by manually downloading the ISO and performing the update.

This was fine and everything was running well, I was prompted by AMD Catalyst and some other apps to update my dispaly drivers, so I did. (I also know people who had to update the nVidia ones too)


Everything seemed to be going fine but occasionally I would get random crashes and just a dark blue screen. THe PC would be completely frozen.


Knowing how much of a pain it was to install my graphics card in the first place (I have an AMD r9 290 and kept getting the dreaded black screen) I proceeded to completely remove my graphics drivers with the Guru 3D display driver uninstaller.

Link: http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html

The downloads are at the bottom of the page.


This software restarts Windows into safe mode and allows you to completely remove the display drivers for a fresh install of the graphics card drivers. It also prevents Windows from installing drivers from Windows Update.

I then proceeded to download the Windows 10 drivers from the AMD site and install these. 


So far no crashes! 

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