My thoughts on the "Windows 8 - Automatic repair failed" Loop.

So, I've had windows 8 professional installed on a laptop for less than a month now and guess what...

..I now join the club with the Automatic Repair Loop. From turning the laptop on, windows 8 goes straight into a "Diagnosing your PC" which takes FOREVER.

After several hours, it then states this fails, gives you some options, a command line, refresh, reset, etc. Nothing appears to work.

I tried all the command line stuff, fix MBR, chkdsk, rebuilding the BOOTREC, removing the old bootrec bla bla bla. Recovery CD's appear pointless.

So, 3 days attempting to repair this, no luck, I give up.

Returning to Windows 7 tomorrow on this. Oh, what appeared to cause this? I left the laptop alone doing windows updates, it did 3, went up through the percentages, reached 100%, restarted, and DEAD.

I wish to move to Windows 8 in the future, but won't be doing so a)without a touch screen, and b) when service pack 1 is released.

The issues appear to be with the UEFI that is involved with Windows 8. Sorry Microsoft, but fix it, or i'll be giving this one a pass.