Missing fonts in Adobe Photoshop on Ubuntu

I've been working more on Ubuntu lately due to the better native shell integration. With the large amounts of git and deployment work that I get involved in, better shell integration just wins hands down. Simple things like being able to copy / paste without having to use a mouse and right click in terminal windows saves a lot of time.

I recently started a new project and had some PSD's to work with. While they open fine on LibreOffice for viewing, sometimes I need to grab elements out for conversion to vectors for icons / fonts. This is where I needed Adobe Photoshop.

ubuntu photoshop broken fonts

Now I followed various guides to install Photoshop, and ended up installing Photoshop CC as I already have an annual license for it. I went ahead and installed it using the defaults for PS in PlayOnLinux. This worked! (To my suprise!) But certain menus didn't have fonts.


After much digging and many failed attempts, the following packages in PlayOnLinux gave me right click menus and window fonts back:

tahoma, tahoma2 and RegisterFonts

Hopefully just listing this post can help some others.