Laravel and Laracasts

Recently I've been completing a Web Development BSc hons Degree, hence the lack of updates. The degree required the development of a dissertation / final year project. During the project I came across Laravel and Laracasts.

Laravel proved very useful within my project, the use of project dependencies with Composer made certain tasks such as PDF generation and testing much easier through development and with project deployment.

If you haven't tried Laravel yet, I would recommend it, especially if you have any previous experience with CodeIgniter or CakePHP. Laravel is built on symphony and therefore contains many of it's features. The ORM within Laravel helped to turn 8 lines of code into around 2 in many cases throughout development with use of the relationships in models.

If you are looking for somewhere to learn more about Laravel, and more of it's advanced features, I can also recommend Laracasts by Jeffery Way. This can be very useful when starting out with Laravel, and helping to get to grips with tools such as Vagrant a portable and transferable development environment.