Gmail Update. Reach more & Receive more unwanted email from G+ users?

If you're a Gmail user you'll probably already know, thanks to the email Google sent around, that starting this week Gmail will suggest you Goole+ people as recipients without exchanging email addresses.

In the send to boxes within Gmail, some lovely javascript will add onto the bottom of your email address contacts, the Google+ connections you have.

What emails will I recieve from other Google+ Users?
By default settings, other users can contact you Once until you reply to them, thereby sharing your email address.

How will I know which emails are not from my google contacts?
Emails from people outside your circles will be filtered into a new Social category in your Gmail inbox (if enabled).

Where can I change which Googl+ users can contact me?
A new setting can be found in the settings section of your Gmail on the "General" tab.
who can email you via your Google+ profile setting image

Where can I get more information?
At current you can get more information from the Google support section on Emailing Google+ connections