Bitcoin reaches over $1000

So bitcoins have spiked again. This is slightly to do with Mt.Gox having a 0% fee for black friday weekend this year (2013).

I know I said I gave up on them, but with the prices hitting well over £500 GBP each, it does get tempting.

Unfortunately, my rig just cant get into the game anymore, even at 700MH/s most pools don't even give me out any work. So therefore i'm stuck mining Litecoins, or various other AltCoins which can be traded on Cryptsy.com.

On an upside, I stumbled across an amount of NMC (NameCoins) I had previously stored away to buy some .bit domains. These arent worth a whole BTC, but something is better than nothing.

I guess it's time to start digging through those old hard drives to find those wallet.dat files and hope I get lucky! (and because I don't throw technological stuff away, I won't end up like this unlucky guy who threw out a hard drive which had £4 million GBP worth of bitcoins on it).