miniDLNA update database on raspberry pi

The defaults settings in the config for minidlna do not seem to work for most people on raspberrypi.
I decided I never really use the pi around 4am, so a cron job for forcing the database to update when i'm asleep wouldn't interrupt any videos mid stream.

edit crontab (sudo nano /etc/crontab)
The following line would cause the database to update at 4am every morning:
0 4 * * * sudo service minidlna force-reload

I now have an updated database every day that i can stream to my TV, Laptop and RasBM...

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Windows hostname Raspberry PI

I was looking around to figure how to set the raspberry pi hostname to appear in windows. I came across this: http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=25693 On the raspberry pi forums explaining various ways in how to get the raspberry pi to show a hostname in windows.

I did this on debian wheezy.

$ sudo apt-get install samba $ sudo apt-get install winbind

$ sudo nano /etc/nsswitch.conf #to enable wins change 'hosts: files dns' TO 'hosts: files wins dns'

#To change the h...

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Soluto Goes on the Web

A program called Soluto has been around for a while now. It can be found at www.soluto.com.
It has now gone on the web giving you web access to any machine you have soluto installed on and linked to your account.

The home for each PC/Laptop looks like this:
This page gives you some basic information with all the links to take you elsewhere.

The protection tab allows you to view information about firewalls, antivirus and windows update. You can perform windows updates from here. My screen loo...

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Samsung 32" Smart TV SmartHub crashes

My Samsung 32" Smart TV was having problems 2 days ago with crashes on SmartHub. It simply wasn't loading anything. BBC iPlayer had become the LoveFilm App with the LoveFilm icon, but still named BBC iPlayer. I hard reset the tv when it was turned off with the sequence of buttons on the remote for still not much of an improvement. The following morning the TV updated again and SMartHub was kind of working again.
The network settings keep being forgotten but after 2 days i can install netflix an...

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miniDLNA on raspberry pi (rpi), AllShare Play, Samsung TV, other devices

I had been struggling to get miniDLNA on the raspberrypi to work with my samsung smart tv and allshare play. I started playing with the configuration settings and this is what i have come up with:

# This is the configuration file for the MiniDLNA daemon, a DLNA/UPnP-AV media # server. # # Unless otherwise noted, the commented out options show their default value. # # On Debian, you can also refer to the minidlna.conf(5) man page for # documentation about this file.

# Path to the dire...

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Raspberry Pi with WI-PI running wirelessly

I ordered some Raspberrypi's with cases and WI-PI (wifi) dongles from farnell a couple of weeks ago.
It was only yesterday I decided to sit down and actually sort these out. I have installed debian wheezey on the raspberry pi, updated, plugged in the dongle, and ran some updates.
The dongle was automatically picked up in ifconfig, and i just needed to enter the wireless information in wpa_supplicant to get the dongle to work. To my suprise, the rpi was then running wirelessly after a reboot on j...

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Raspberry Pi Pinprick / Faint Green LED and Red LED

I have spent nearly 2 weeks wondering why my raspberry pi would not boot, i tried different SD cards, diffferent power supplies and everything. I just kept getting a red LED with basically no green led (or as some people put it, pinprick green led).
I tried using the alternate boot files from github which some people reccommended for class 10 SD cards, and still no luck.
I tried using rasbian, xbmc and the android release with no luck, until this morning i decided to give it one last go and try ar...

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Okay so finally got the server back online after too long of staring at the screen.
Still not too sure as to why it randomly stopped but methods will be implemented in Janurary to prevent website downtime.

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Updates to come

Soon the search button will be fixed again, i have made minor updates to the site to just tidy things up. I have finished my other job now so will have more time to get back on here and do various other web work.
It's about time I got back into it anyway, I have a Raspberry Pi again so will be getting back to work on that to see what I can do with it. Check back within the next week or so for updates!

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