Samsung S5839i Screen Replacement

So, I replaced someones Samsung screen, by removing the case, battery, SIM card and MicroSD. then proceeded to remove the 7 screws holding the phone together.
I then realised after removing this section, the screen is glued to the phone.

I started heating the phone screen with a hair dryer and slowly started prising it from the case and LCD. This took a while and a bit more heating from a hair dryer, but it eventually came off without braking too much more.

The replacement digitizer is for a S5830...

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No more Nokia, now owned by Microsoft

Microsoft has agreed a deal to buy Nokias mobile phone business for 5.4bn euros ($7.2bn or £4.6bn).

Nokia will also license its patents and mapping services to Microsoft. Nokia shares jumped 45% on news of the deal.

The purchase is set to be completed in early 2014, when about 32,000 Nokia employees will transfer to Microsoft.

While Nokia has struggled against competition from Samsung and Apple, Microsoft has been criticised for being slow into the mobile market.

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Microsoft Surface Service - Yellow Screen

So, i had a surface that was 10 weeks old, that had started to go yellow on the right hand side near the charging port, a few googles later led me to assume this was heat damage from charging.
Still covered by Microsoft`s manufacturer warranty, i registered with https://myservice.surface.com/ and went through the process and booked it with screen damage.

I then got a print out packaging label for UPS, stick your surface in a box, and stick the packaging label on. Drop it off to a UPS location (yo...

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Free BTC Bitcoins freebtc.ganey.co.uk Update

So, i had some issues with the faucet, I have no idea why but have now made modifications to the scripts so that the faucet works again.

Users may now have to wait to cashout as my store of BTC has been depleted due to the issues on the site.
I want to thank the users who notified me of the issues that have enabled me to keep the faucet going.

The faucet can be found at freebtc.ganey.co.uk

If anyone wishes to donate to the faucet, you can do so with the following links.
- Inputs.io was hacked and t...

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Solar Update

So, I'd left my solar panel doing its thing for a while and hadn't really paid it much attention.

We've had some fairly good weather recently, so the batteries were charging well, however...

The heat from this good weather has now burnt out my solar panel, it produces an amazing 4 volts now, with next to no amps at all.

So when my finances can cover it, i'll be getting a better solar panel, to extend my projects and also consider some kind of heat protection.

Pictures of the damage to come soon...

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HTC 7 Mozart sound issue with earpeice

For ages i had an issue with my htc Mozart, i thought it was a software issue as i flashed a different rom to fix the instability issues with the screen and unlock being really buggy.
I followed this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYYAr6V2BFM up to 6:41, obviosuly without removing the sd card, or unscrewing the usb connection.
I soon discovered my phone didnt have an earpiece speaker installed, the phone was bought on ebay, probably fell out during a screen replacement or something.

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