In Qatar

In Qatar at the minute, it's quite strange how now 22 degrees feels cold. 2 Days until christmas now too! Will work on a photo gallery for this when I get back to put photos in too.
Posted from Qatar

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A Week

Not long till i go away into the warmth for christmas! 1 Week now! Yay!
The weather here is supposed to be getting worse again though, can only hope it doesn't get too bad. Getting rather excited though :]

Updates will be coming up soon on partner sites, will post updates here when I can.

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Facebook Update

So, now facebook has released yet another update. Now they are getting closer and closer to thier "facebook email service" thing that occasioanly crops up in conversation. Some people seem to like the idea, others seem to hate it. Yes it may seem like facebook is trying to take over everything, isn't that what google are also trying? Amazon expanding to having ebook readers? Every company wants to get bigger and make more money, so whats the problem?!
I'm not fussed about having facebook email ...

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Not long till christmas now, its getting rather cold in the midlands too.
Hopefully it doesn't get too much colder over the winter, otherwise keeping warm will get interesting.

I hope everyone is keeping well, and getting ready to break up from work / education for christmas.

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This page is now hosted by FuelledHosting.co.uk.

I will try my best to update the page in the spare time around uni work, as well as update the scripts on here to include comments.

It's been snowing a lot here recently, we've had it for nearly a week, has been rather cold.

Not long till christmas!

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