Restoring cpanel accounts without backups (rm -Rf in root ? Silly You.)

Right, if for some reason someone managed to rm -Rf your root or etc directory,
this may help you to recover a fair amount of your cpanel files.

The process basically involves copying the old files into a new installation of cpanel (same ip as the license from the previous, or just replace the license afterwards)
Then, copying over old mysql files / folders, and using cpanel to package up what files i thinks it can find into a cpmove,
then restoring the cpmove folder back again to pull all...

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Dedicated Server API

The Dedicated Server API for re-installs and restarts is finally finished! Some creases may need to be ironed out in the future, but so far the scripts seem pretty solid.
Upon fresh installs the passwords are retrieved and displayed within the management panel for you. The current status of the install is also displayed (The install progress).

Hopefully some of the clients find it useful!

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