How could SOPA affect Wikipedia?

Wikipedia, in the same way as other influential online brands like Facebook and Twitter, relies on user-generated content. It is therefore in the same danger bracket if SOPA legislation sinks its teeth in to the online encyclopedia.

The proposed laws are not clear-cut.

As one debater noted, Wikipedia is probably riddled with copyright violations. Unless Wikipedia was willing to spend an enormous budget — for which it doesn’t have — regulating and checking every contrib...

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Decipher My Gibberish! (link)

Check out the following link: http://deciphermygibberish.blogspot.com

"The aim of this page is to alert people to the privacy settings of facebook. The way all of your information is collected and stored, every page you like, view, comment on, every comment you delete, every photo you upload every private message you send. Each and every movement you make on facebook is recorded, stored and backed up in multiple locations around the world.

My proposition to you is to post using simple ciphers...

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OCZ Elixir keyboard Windows 7 Fix

From: http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com

Originally Posted by mspector
I had the same problem here. Then I started trying some things and I got a workaround. Now it's working in my Windows 7 x64.

For Windows 7 32-bit users, just replace the folder Driver64 for Driver on step 2 (if needed, I think you can just skip step 2 if your Windows is 32 bits.).

All that is needed is to enable XP compatibility in Elixir Alchemy executables. To do so:

FIRST OF ALL: Go to Task Manager (Press CTRL+ALT+...

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Java, Error occurred during initialization of VM, Minecraft

So, you're trying to run something in java on your server and your just getting:
Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap Could not create the Java virtual machine.

Try the following from span style="text-decoration:line-through">http://linux.techzinformatica.in/?p=714:

If it is a cpanel/WHM server then add the following code in the start of the /etc/profile file. Quote:
#cPanel Added Limit Protections — BEGIN #unlimit so we can ru...

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