Back In The UK

I am now back in the UK.
It was a rather long drive in a limousine, first time driving an automatic large distance, a left hand drive, and a limousine. But it was a good drive anyway.
The French Pyrenees look nice anyway, below is a video fram the trip out:

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Dot-Bit Search Engine for .bit Websites

Last night I started working on http://www.dotbitsearch.com/.
This website crawls the full list of .bit domains found at http://dot-bit.org/tools/.
More advanced indexing of page content is currently work in progress. Between soon driving to spain, and setting up a call center and wiring I am not sure on the completion of this.
Although i'm sure it will usually be work in progress. Crawls or the entire .bit network are made weekly, while active domains are scanned more often than unused domains....

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Samsung Galaxy S3 - Preorder


Samsung Galaxy S3

The Next Samsung Galaxy has arrived. The Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone is hotly tipped to be the smartphone of 2012. The 4.8 inch high definition display with Super AMOLED technology screens your movies in stunning detail.
Combining the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich with a 1.4GHz quad core processor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 lets you multitask extensively upon a responsive and easily customisable user interface. Take photos using the 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD record...

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ICS Android 4 for Samsung Galaxy SII

Finally managed to get ics to install via samsung kies for my sgs2 on vodafone. I was experience a problem where the update process would start then the usb connection would drop and start the whole "you have connect bla bla to samsung kies" process again.

I restarted my pc and my phone, then plugged the phone into a different usb port, and VOILA! it worked.
After waiting, forever, for the update to download, it was finally installed... now it's time to play!

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UK George Osborne's Budget March 2012

  • From April 2013, the 50p top rate of tax will be cut to 45p.
  • Personal income tax allowance raised to £9,205 from April 2013
  • 40% tax band threshold is reduced from £42,475 to £41,450.
  • Age-related income tax allowances to be removed for new pensioners from April 2013
  • Child Benefits phased out when someone in a household has an income of more than £50,000. It will fall by 1% for every £100 earned over £50,000.
  • Borrowing this year to be £126bn - &poun...
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bind checking whether the C compiler works... configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.

I kept coming across this error when trying to follow a guide for configuring bind with geodns.
The following from pingbin.com/2011/01/bind-with-geoip-error solved the issue with cc!

The fix for my system was open the following file:

nano /etc/ld.so.conf

Add the following line, which defines where to find "libGeoIP.so*"


Finally run this command to refresh:


Then you should be all set to go, using something like the following:


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HTC One X pre order for April

The HTC one x is now available for pre-order for expected launch in April 2012. It can be found here: in many places now

Information from HTC.com:

Extraordinary quad-core power gives you lightning-fast web browsing, remarkable picture quality and hyper-realistic gaming effects --all on a giant, 4.7-inch HD screen. Then there's the amazing camera that captures every moment with crisp, vivid, beautiful photos.

Size: 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm Weight: 130 grams with battery Display: HD 720p touch S...

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